Wedding in Cana /Turning water into wine painting | by Olga Bakhtina

Wedding in Cana /Turning water into wine [ 2018, oil on canvas, 90x120 cm, $AUD 1900 ]

The transformation of water into wine at the wedding in Cana was the first miracle among many that the Evangelist recorded in his gospel. “A sign” as John called it. An extraordinary act, done out of kindness and compassion. It was a sign of Jesus’s glory and demonstration of God’s love and power. I wanted to create an atmosphere of enjoyment of a good party, a celebration and a new beginning, with Jesus as a part of this celebration, singing with everyone else, rejoicing in the festivity; happy to celebrate with people he knows and loves.

This painting is the latest in my Christianity series and I love the rhythmical joy of it. When you look at it, do you hear the music, too?

“Wedding in Cana” is a finalist in COSSAG Art Prize 2018, Brisbane.

Hight quality prints are available on demand (limited edition)

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  1. Jasmine Petrell

    Hi Olga,

    The colors and lines in this painting speak to me. How can I order a print?


    Jasmine Petrell
    Utah, USA

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