The Last Supper painting | Olga Bakhtina

The Last Supper [ 2017, oil on canvas, 150x100 cm, $2,500 ]

“The Last Supper” is another symbolic painting from series on Christianity. The round table and blue robes symbolize equality and sharing power. But this is the moment when Jesus reveals to his disciples that one of them will betray him. The original color palette was white and blue, with the idea of concentrating the full attention on the emotions of the participants of the scene. Later, I changed the white table to deep blood-like red. This dramatised the scene, and at the same time kept the serenity. I wanted to capture the feeling of confusion, disbelief and indignation. I wanted the viewer to peer closely to see faces of the disciples, to get the sense of chaos and tension of the Last Supper. “Last Supper” was a finalist of COSSAG Art prize and exhibition in 2017, Brisbane, and a finalist of Art Prize and Exhibition  in Collins Street Baptist Church in 2018, Melbourne.

As an alternative to the original painting, this image is available as limited edition high-quality Fine Art print on archival cotton rag paper. Please email me for the sizes and prices.


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  1. Domenico Conidi

    I am interested in a print of the Last Supper. Can you please advise of the cost and delivery. I am in Melbourne.

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