In 2016 I participated in the Toowoomba Biennial Emerging Artist Award Exhibition which is an acquisitive art award and exhibition that celebrates the contemporary practices of emerging artists from the South East Queensland area. The exhibition is hosted at the Toowoomba Regional Art Gallery.

Three of my eight entries have been selected as finalists: Spanish Guitar, Young Man in Blue and Red Kimono.

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Oil is my favourite medium with a preference for strong brushwork and a vibrant colour palate, governed by my mood and the intended atmosphere of each painting. I paint landscapes and still- lives, however portraits have been my favourite subjects the past few years. Each tells a story, shows unique qualities of the person, but is also a reflection of my own personality. And so I’ve chosen to submit eight portraits, all painted from live models except “Girl With a Flute”.

Often I begin with thumbnail sketches and drawings, quite realistic to begin with, before I simplify the lines, change proportions and transform the whole composition. Until I’m happy with it, I don’t start working on canvas. At this stage I usually decide on the main colour scheme as well. So, when I start working on the canvas I usually work fast and forcefully, guided by my intuition and emotion, to keep the passion and excitement flowing. Ultimately, I look for emotion in paintings.

Even though the main colour scheme is carefully chosen before I start painting, there is always room for adventure. Each painting is an unpredictable journey although there is a plan behind it. Brushstroke is important to me too. It charges the painting with energy as well as working as a bridge between the painter and the viewer. Brushwork gives a glimpse of the painter’s soul and character, through its passion and vulnerability. By leaving a distinctive mark, I open up to the viewer, inviting viewers into my emotional world, and to participate in the artistic process. Thus accepting the viewer as a partner. This is my philosophy behind painting.